Flexible Financing

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We’re happy to do the work for you AND cover the cost of the entire project.

Using OPM

Other People’s Money

Let’s say you could sell your Knoxville house right now for $200k, but if you invested in a $40k remodel you could sell it for 300k…that would make a lot of financial sense for you wouldn’t it?

But maybe you don’t have an extra $40k to spend.  That would be a shame because you’re ultimately leaving 60k on the table for someone else!

That’s where we come in.  PunchList can remodel your Knoxville home, invest our money into your house, and help you generate that bigger return,  And the best part, we don’t need to get paid until you sell your house.  So you’re actually using the proceeds from the buyer to pay us back.  So you never pay a dime yourself and you get to reap the rewards of selling your house for top dollar.  

Call us at 865-333-4567 to learn more about this program and if its right for you and your house.

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