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Whether you are wanting to sell your home, buy another home, or improve the home you’re in, PunchList is here to help. Our goal is to increase the value of your house and to help you love it more than you ever thought possible.

We Do it All

From Start To Finish

Perhaps you’re a homeowner who wants to transform the look and feel of your house so you can love the home you live in for a long time. Or maybe you’re a property owner wanting to sell your house and need help bringing it to maximum value.  Or maybe you’ve been presented an inspection report identifying a list of things that need fixed. Or maybe you simply need something repaired as soon as possible.

It is for these scenarios that PunchList was founded.  Our goal is to knock out that list of to do’s on your house as quickly as possible and with the highest of quality.  Continue reading to learn more about all that we do and when you’re ready, give us a call or request a quote.

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Our Most Requested Services


Freshen Up Paint


Modern Bathroom Facelift


Create Open Concept


Modernize Base & Door Trim


Cabinet and Door Hardware Upgrade

Financing Your Project

No money?  No problem!  If you want to update your property to maximize the value and sell it for top dollar, let us pay for the entire remodel.


We Help You Plan Your Remodel


We Cover All of the Costs


We do the Entire Remodel


We Don't Get Paid Until Closing


You Keep All of the Profits!

Who We Serve

Three Primary Customers

We primarily serve Knoxville Homeowners/Investors, Real Estate Agents, and Property Managers.  Whether your primary home needs some updating, you have an investment property you’re wanting max profit, your client is looking to sell a house or buy a house, or you need repairs and touchups between renters, Punchlist has got you covered.


We Can’t Wait To Work With You

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